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Payment, Terms and Conditions

Platemark sizes are given in millimetres, height before width. Condition is described as accurately as possible.

The description ‘original engraving’ means an original work of art designed by the artist for the printed medium and printed from the original plate, block or equivalent, on which the artist himself worked unless otherwise stated.

Similarly, the terms ‘signed, inscribed / titled’ imply the artist’s own hand unless otherwise stated.  Nearly all the Frederick Carter etchings can be seen in the standard work: ‘Frederick Carter A.R.E. 1883 - 1967. A Study of his Etchings’ by Richard Grenville Clark, Apocalypse Press, 1998, ISBN 0952 590603, 25. Each catalogue entry is therefore prefixed with a ‘C’.

Website images should be taken as purely representative – quality may differ from that of the originals due to software or hardware constraints.


Payment should be by sterling, by cheque or draft drawn on a UK based bank payable to: R.G. Clark, 51 Woking Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1QD England, UK.

Payment may also be made through PayPal, using the following ID: richardgclark1000@btinternet.com or by US$ check payable to ‘R.G. Clark’.

UK and International postage and packing for all items to be charged at cost.

Etching plates are, in most cases, capable of reproducing good quality prints subject to the formal approval of Frederick Carter’s literary and artistic executor, Richard Grenville Clark.

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