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Frederick Carter

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Frederick Carter (1883-1967) was born in Bradford ,Yorkshire, England.  This city has produced a large number of writers and artists including J.B.Priestley, Henry Rothenstein and David Hockney.

Extensive biographical information and a complete bibliography can be found in Frederick Carter A.R.E. 1883-1967 A Study Of His Etchings by Richard Grenville Clark (Apocalypse Press 1998).  In Carter's lifetime two minor pieces on his etchings were published - Furst, H. Original Engravings and Etchings, Thomas Nelson 1931 and Furst, H PCQ October 1933.

In the course of his long career Carter wrote several books and magazine articles as well as contributing to the literary scene of the first quarter of the twentieth century through his editorial work on Form.

In the first world war Carter was a cartoonist but the horror of the war caused him to more or less cease etching until after 1918.  During the 1920s he formed a friendship with D.H.Lawrence who visited him in Pontesbury.  The London Mercury 1930 contained articles by Carter and D.H.Lawrence on their misconceived joint project on the Apocalypse.

In addition to his friendship with D.H.Lawrence, Carter knew Henry Miller with whom he corresponded for several years (see Henry Ransom Humanities Research Institute collection).  He also had close friendships with Austin Osman Spare (joint editor of Form with Carter), John Gawsworth, Thomas Burke, W.H.Davies, Arthur Machen and M.P.Shiel (see Redonda 'Dark Back Of Time' – Javier Marias).

Carter's polymathic talents extended to writing poetry, short stories, articles for newspapers and magazines, critical studies of writers like Lawrence, illustrating books and producing a large number of etchings, oils ,drawings and watercolours.  This site offers many of them for sale.

For a long time Carter's importance was overseen but with the publication of seminal volumes such as The Letters of D.H.Lawrence (8 vols. Cambridge) and Frederick Carter A.R.E. his true importance is becoming clear and with that evolving reputation, the value of his art and publications is increasing.  Richard Grenville Clark is currently writing a critical biography of Frederick Carter.

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